Our mission is to facilitate a transformation that empowers chemically dependent homeless men and women to become sober, accountable members of society and to serve as a recovery resource for the community.

Led by a staff of licensed and certified counselors, holding some of the highest credentials in the addiction recovery field, we serve the community through a long-term, comprehensive Residential Recovery Program for homeless, addicted men and women that is also a source of strength for others suffering from addiction within the community.
We do this with the involvement of the caring community that we serve.  Everyday volunteers serve at our two campuses, providing meals, helping with special projects and connecting with our residents in ways that words can never describe.  Others donate money or contribute much needed supplies or other goods.  Together we help change lives.

It's been that way from the beginning.  In 1987, the Marietta-Cobb Winter Shelter was established by local churches and community leaders to provide emergency shelter for homeless people during the winter season.  It was soon realized that homelessness is not a problem itself but rather a symptom of a problem.  For most homeless men and many homeless women in our community, that problem is addiction and its causes.  In 1995, the organization expanded its mission and changed its name to The Extension.
Since then, we have grown to become the largest Residential Recovery Program for homeless, addicted men in the North Metro area, and in May 2009 we opened the Barbara J. Crafton Center, a 20-bed facility for women.

With the help of a caring community, we continue to grow to meet the community's needs.  We encourage you to browse through our website and learn more about The Extension and ways that you can help—or better yet, drop by and see firsthand how lives are being transformed at The Extension.  When you come by, we're sure you will find your place in our organization.  We look forward to seeing you!

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