Interview with Straight Edge Tattoo

Thank you for recently donating 20% of your tattoo sales to our organization, why did you choose The Extension as a beneficiary? Well, I went through treatment at another facility that is similar to yours but they aren’t local. I have told my story there at The Extension and I personally know or at least … Continued

LuLu’s Story

If you know anything about The Extension, you know we have many, many success stories.  We don’t claim to be perfect but our results speak for themselves.  Read on for a story as told by the daughter of one of our success stories. Eight years ago, the day before my birthday, my father enrolled at … Continued

We’re Looking for a Few Special People with a Few Special Skills

Volunteers come in all figurative shapes and sizes, and we love them all. Group and individual volunteers prepare and serve meals, answer the phones, lead like skills programs, write thank you letters, trim the hedges and do all sorts of needed tasks. Every day volunteers are at our facilities making a difference. Their impact is … Continued

Straight Edge Tattoo in Woodstock Supports The Extension

Our good friends at Straight Edge Tattoo in Woodstock are donating 20% of their proceeds to The Extension in August. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo—either your first one or your hundredth—there’s never been a better time. Even if you are just considering a tattoo, stop by and talk to the good folks … Continued

The Extension Welcomes Three New Board Members

Three new Board members, Daniel Johnson, Peter Tennis and Tracy Lawhorn were elected at the July Board of Directors meeting to three year terms. We’re excited to have Daniel, Peter and Tracy join the Board, as they strive to help raise funds, provide program and financial oversight and fulfill the important duties of the Board … Continued

Employment Rate for Residents Continues to Increase

We are thrilled to report that 87% of the residents, who have been in the program at least 45 days at our men’s facility, are employed fulltime. This follows a trend that began last year when the rate topped 80% for the first time in several years. Virtually all of our residents who reach the 60 … Continued