The Northwest “Good Deed Team” Helps The Extension

  Our friends at Northwest Exterminators have kept The Extension pest-free for many years. This month, the Northwest Exterminator’s “Good Deed Team” came together to help our residents. Our technician Adam Owen stated, “Having the opportunity to support organizations like The Extension is why the Northwest Good Deed Team exists. While Northwest may be in … Continued

Stories of Hope – Shannon Dudley

“By God’s grace and mercy, I made my way home to the women’s campus of the Extension on June 7, 2016.  As a young child, my parents divorced when I was two years old.  My mom and her parents, my grandparents, raised my sister and me.  When I was eight years old, my mom remarried.  … Continued

Stories of Hope – Regaining My Balance

I was born and raised in Hoover, AL where I spent most of my life. My parents divorced when I was 3 and I lived with my alcoholic father. I grew up in an extremely strict household and my dad demanded perfection from me. When I was 14 I started drinking and experimenting with drugs, … Continued

Give Your Body the Gift of Exercise!

  March is National Women’s History Month.  It is a time when we recognize and celebrate women around the world.  Therefore, this month I am going to focus on how we as women can take better care of ourselves and really begin to enjoy the life, we have been blessed with at every stage.  I … Continued

The Sunshine Vitamin

February was cloudy, dreary, and just all around making me feel down in the dumps.  So, what’s a girl to do?  I need some vitamin D.  Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that we all take for granted here in the south.  Many northerners suffer from vitamin D deficiency, because winters up there are … Continued

Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

  Life skills classes are an important part of our program at The Extension. Learning to interact with others, and with ourselves, in a healthy way is a skill that we can all improve on. Charmon Talley is the Executive Director of the Georgia Association Recovery Residences (GARR), a certified Substance  Abuse Professional (SAP), and … Continued

Love Saved My Life

Being a male homosexual meth junkie, the idea of living with 47 guys for my first year of recovery was uncomfortable.  On the streets and in particular rooms, I was told that I should find a program amongst men of “my own kind”.  That this and only this was the route to my recovery.  There … Continued

For You, For Me, For Us

I started partying and had my first kid at 16. I come from a real dysfunctional home, both my parents are alcoholics. I was 21-22 the first time I tried cocaine. At the beginning it was just on the weekends. It started getting out of hand, so I stopped. Later, when I was working multiple … Continued

Ask A Counselor

Mr. Robert Jordan has been in the field of Addiction for eleven years. He studied under Dr. Diane Sherman, PhD and received his Certification of Addiction Counseling in 2013. Robert is a 10 year Naval Veteran originally from New Jersey and settled in Atlanta upon his Naval discharge and proudly calls it home.  Robert is … Continued

Thankful Thoughts

It’s the Holiday Season and we have arrived at the time of year when it’s customary to show thanks for those around you…. family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Those we love and cherish all deserve their moment in our schedule and life. As there is no greater gift than surrounding yourself with those who inspire … Continued