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From the Desk of the Executive Director

January  2015

Dear Friend of The Extension:

According to the org chart I work for the 18 members of our Board of Directors, and that’s true in some respects, but who I report to doesn’t really tell the whole story.

My office is at our men’s facility, where 47 very lucky people are learning everyday how to become accountable to themselves, their families and the community. Over at the Crafton Center, the 20 women in our program are doing the same. Those in our program are beating the odds but they’re not lucky the way lottery winners are—they’re far luckier than that.

It all starts the day they walk up the steps, come into our building and say, “I need help.” Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Their lives begin changing the moment they meet our staff.

Most probably don’t know the staff person before sitting down in his or her office, but even after talking just a few minutes they know that the pain and suffering they endured for so long is finally over. What they probably don’t know right away is how incredibly adept the staff person they are talking to is at guiding them to a new life.

I know how talented they are, how dedicated they are to these people who the rest of the world often misunderstands and therefore quickly and easily dismisses. I see the unwavering compassion of our staff and how they skillfully help those blinded by feelings of worthlessness to see their potential.

In the field of addiction treatment there are many selfless, caring and talented counselors, and in my 26 years with this organization, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best. That experience has set my expectations very high, expectations that our staff continues to exceed every day.

There are indeed 67 of the luckiest people on earth in our men’s and women’s program. And there is one more, myself. I am honored and very lucky to support the staff as we both work for these men and women and all those who will follow them in the years ahead. Thank you to all of our contributors and volunteers for making this possible!

Click to see our 2014 Annual Report.

Kindest regards,
Tyler M. Driver
Executive Director