Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well.  At The Extension, we are all doing our best to shelter in place and keep our social distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We appreciate everyone who continues to support us by dropping off or having meals delivered to our residents. Your contribution is an invaluable part of our work and is allowing us to continue to care for our residents during this crisis.

On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Brian Kemp issued a Shelter-in-place Executive Order that defines essential services and outlines who can still be out on our roads. The Extension is considered an essential service to our community. Volunteers are allowed to deliver food and provisions to both of our campuses. Below is a quote from page 7 of that document:

“Persons required to shelter in place under any provision of this order shall not receive visitors, except as follows:

Visitors providing medical, behavioral health, or emergency

  1. Services or medical supplies or medication, including home hospice;
  2. Visitors providing support for the person to conduct activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living;
  3. Visitors providing necessary supplies and services, such as food and supplies for household consumption and use, supplies and equipment needed to work from home, and products needed to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance of the home or residence; or
  4. Visitors received during end-of-life circumstances.

To the extent practicable under the circumstances, visitors shall maintain a minimum distance of six (6) feet between themselves and all other occupants of the person’s home or residence. Any visitors visiting for the sole purpose of delivering medication, supplies, or other tangible goods shall, to the extent practicable, deliver such items in a manner that does not require in-person contact or require the deliverer to enter the person’s home or residence.”

The Extension is still in need of hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, cleaning products, and disposable gloves. The women’s campus also needs feminine hygiene items, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets. If you can spare any of these items, please drop them off at the front desk at our Men’s campus located at 1507 Church Street Extension, Marietta, GA or at our women’s campus located at 130 Holiday Street, Marietta, GA.

Again, we would like to express our gratitude to those who are dropping off meals or having them delivered to our residents. We currently have some openings on our meal calendar in April and more openings in May. If you, your church, civic group or business would like to help The Extension during this crisis by providing a meal please contact Renee or Stephanie at our office at 770-591-9075.