Can we have your financial support for this critical online giving campaign? I wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need it. And quite frankly I wouldn’t ask if I couldn’t prove to you that your support will make a lasting difference. All you have to do is click on the graphic above, and you’ll be taken to our page on the GA Gives/Giving Tuesday website.

If this is the first solicitation for GA Gives/Giving Tuesday you’ve seen, it likely won’t be the last. There are many organizations asking for money. Many do good work but you may not really know what the organization does with the money they receive. Even if it’s obvious that needs are being met, how do you know if they are truly effective and efficient? Just as importantly, how transparent are they? Most everything a nonprofit organization does is, by law, public information, but how accessible is it?

Those are good questions. We think you’ll like our answers. I want you to know what we are.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs determined that The Extension is the most effective transitional housing program of all those it supported across the entire state. This is based on the incredibly low number of our residents who become homeless again compared to other organizations, despite the fact that as an addiction treatment center we serve people with very significant challenges. We are effective.

We have an independent outside financial audit done each year. The last audit showed that an incredible 87% of our support is spent directly on programs for homeless addicted men and women and their families, with a mere 7% percent spent on fundraising and 6% percent going towards administrative and general expenses. We are efficient.

Our audit is posted on our website, accessible from this page or any other on our website. Our Form 990 is there also. That’s a form that nonprofit organizations have to submit to the IRS each year. Some organizations might prefer you not see those documents. Very few organizations post them on their website and those that do often make them difficult to find. To see ours simply click on the About link at the top of  this page and scroll down to the document you want to see. We are transparent.

Your mailbox is likely already filled with requests this holiday season. You have choices; we know that. We want you to make an informed choice, and we hope you choose to support us. This appeal is a little different—no tug-on-the-heart-strings story with a photo of a forlorn child. We’ve been helping lives transform for nearly 30 years—those stories unfold at our facilities every day. Instead telling one of those stories in this appeal, we urge you to drop by one day—stop in and say hello—and see firsthand what your support is doing. That brings us finally to two more things we are: We are open, and we are grateful.

Kindest regards,






Tyler M. Driver
Executive Director