Program Highlights

Restoring Lives

A total of 177 individuals received comprehensive residential treatment for addiction to drugs and/or alcohol during our 2016 fiscal year; 124 of those we men, while the remaining 53 were women.

During the year 57 men and 10 women completed the program.

In our men’s program, nearly 75% remained in the program for at least 60 days. For those there that long, just over 60% went on to complete the program. Astonishingly, 90% of those we tracked following completion of the program reported that they maintained sobriety, stable housing and employment.

While our women’s program hasn’t yet attained that level of success, the outcomes continue to improve. Significant strides were made in terms of retention that signifies a vastly improved level of success in the years ahead.


Despite a relatively warm winter, we provided emergency shelter to 86 guests on the coldest nights of the year. Those guests received nearly 900 meals.

Volunteers Making a Difference

An estimated 1,650 volunteers provided nearly 17,000 hours of service. Nearly 35,000 meals were provided during the course of the year. Volunteer groups from across the community provide dinner every night at our facilities, as well as prepare sack lunches for our residents to take to work and make breakfast on many mornings. Other volunteers serve on our Board of Directors, answer phones and help with myriad other tasks. From governance to maintenance, volunteers are involved in bringing life-changing and life-saving services to those in our community who need it most.

Stewardship of Resources


Churches $23,312
Businesses $31,902
Individuals $114,263
Private Fdtns $47,050
Special Events $16,769
Residents Fees $167,767
United Way $27,446
Restricted $11,232
Cobb County $7,232
Federal & State $436,220
Misc $4,488
In-kind $80,654
Total $968,335


Program $858,434
Management & General $61,778
Fundraising $69,597
Total $989,809

Effective & Efficient

The breakout of our operating expenses and income reflects our long history of effectiveness, and the tremendous level of efficiency we have achieved through the stewardship of the resources entrusted to us. We are grateful for the support we receive and will always remain accountable to the community we serve.

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